Junmal Daiginjo
Kanchiku Sake
720ml 57 320ml 25 Cup 12
Rice-Polishing Ratio: 49%. Food pairing: Grilled fish, Japanese dishes with sushi or sashimi are
great pairing, has a very smooth and clean taste

Junmai Ginjo
Kikusui Junmai Ginjo
菊水 720ml 47 300ml 20 Cup 10
100% highly-polished Gohyakumangoku sake rice, period of time at a low temperature. It’s
fragrance and smoothness is unique to Kikusui. Alcohol 16%

G i n j o
Mizbasho Ginjo
水芭蕉 300ml 20 700 ml 47 Cup 10
This sake was awarded the silver medal in the 2012 BTI world wine championships for its silky,
fruity, full bodied, and tangy taste. Enjoy it’s sweet accented finish. Alcohol 15%

Character: Fruity and Full Bodied
Hakkaisan Hyotan Silver Ginjo
山海关 300ml 18 Cup 10
SMV: +5 Alcohol : 15.50 %. Place of Production : Niigata Pref

Okunomatsu Tokubetsu
松奥 720ml 47 320ml 20 Cup 10
Classic sake using traditional methods and top-quality ingredients in the Fukushima
Prefecture since 1716. Alcohol 15%

Kubota Senju Honjozo 久保田
720ml 59 300ml 25 Cup 12
This sake has a elegant and comforting scent of banana cream pie with spicy flavors of clove
and nutmeg. Enjoy this chilled or slightly warmed. Alcohol 26%

Kurosawa Nigori
300ml 20 700ml 47 Cup 10
The Kurosaka sake Brewery has been using the traditional, hand crafted method to brew their
sake since 1858. Enjoy cod or chilled. Alcohol 8% ,Character: Sweet and Umami

Sho Chiku Bai Nigori 375ml 12 750ml 20 Cup 5 This sake is
coarsely-filtered and is the sweetest of all our sake. Alcohol 12%

Fruit sake
Fuji apple sake Glass 10

Iichiko (Japan’s best-selling genuine shochu) 750 ml 59 200 ml 25 Cup 10
This sake is made from carefully selected barley and water. It’s refreshing flavor and crystal clear tast. Alcohol 25% .Character: Refreshing and Refined

House Sake
House Sake - Sho Chiku Bai (Hot) Small 4 Large 7
House Sake
- Sho Chiku Bai (Cold) Small 4 Large 7

White Wine
1749 Sauvignon Blanc . Loire Valley - Fruity and Refreshing Glass 9 Bottle 32
Six Degrees Chardonnay.
California - Fruity and Creamy Glass 10 Bottle 36
Robert Hall Viognier ,
Paso Robles - peach and honeysuckle Glass 10 Bottle 34
Pasqua Pinot Grigio .
Venezie. Italy - Pear and Apricot Glass 9 Bottle 32
Robert Hall Orange Muscat
- touch of sweetness Glass 10 Bottle 34
Balletto Estate Rose of Pinot Noir
Russian River Valley Glass 10 Bottle 36

Red Wine
Finca el Origen Reserva Malbec. Mendoza Argentina Glass 10 Bottle 36
Intense Flavors of Plums, Red Currants, and Raspberries
Robert Hall Cuveé de Robles,
Paso Robles. Glass 10 Bottle 36
Rhone blend fresh cherries with hints of black pepper and spice
Carmenet Reserve Pinot Nior .
Califore Glass 9 Bottle 34
Depth and Charm with Rich Raspberry and Cedar Flavors
Estate. Lodi Glass 11 Bottle 38
Cabernet Sauvignon,
and Spicy Flavors of Clove.

Sparkling Wine
Veuve Ou Vernay Brut Rose . France
A Festive Sparkler, Rich and Full-bodied. Fruit and Flower Aroma 180 ml 8

Koshihikari Echigo - Fresh and Rich 500ml 10
375ml 5 750ml 8
Echigo black beer
330 ml 7
- Light and Crisp 375ml 6 750ml 9
- Fresh and Crisp 355ml 5 750ml 8
- Smooth and Full-bodied 355ml 5 750ml 8
(keg) 355ml 5 G